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Welcome to the home page of Springer Spaniel stud.   This site is dedicated to providing advice and guidance in breeding from your bitch, and to promote the services of our stud dog at the Blacheborne Kennels in Lancashire.

The advice on these pages is generic, and can be used for any breed of dog. 


We may also from time to time provide information about stud dogs in other areas.

There are many excellent resource sites across the interent, and we have used these sites, as well as books and our own valuable experience to provide information that may be of use, when deciding whether you should have a litter, and then helping you to make decisions when you do.

When first deciding to breed we found a mountain of different information, some of it conflicting other advice, these pages are dedicated to giving you our take on that advice, and what has worked for us.

Please be clear though, there is no substitute for your own vet.  If in doubt consultation should be made at the earliest opportunity.

Our breeding information page will give you some information and provides guidance for your girl after she has used our stud services, and is hopefully pregnant.

Our stud page gives details of our current stud dog, health tests and booking information.

Breeding of dogs is a serious, and often costly business.  You must be sure demand exists for puppies, and that you have the time, dedication, commitment, and desire to look after a litter of puppies, and their dam for the time they are with you, and provide support and guidance for the rest of the puppies lives in some case.

Things can, and do go wrong, if you are not prepared to do the best for your bitch or your puppies then please reconsider your venture.



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